words by Natalia Lehaf

The Boston Bullies is a pop rock band formed in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts by Luke Mahoney and Brendhan Geraghty during their sophomore and junior year (respectively) at Emerson College. "Emar" is the band's first album and the band anticipates they will begin work on a second album soon.

Their goals as a band are learning to work with people on finding their sound and connecting with their listeners. Luke considers himself a "dad rocker" when it comes to his musical influences, which include Electric Light Orchestra, The Kinks, Steely Dan, and Moody Blues; meanwhile Brendhan’s musical preferences range from Fun. and The Killers to Bon Iver and James Blake.

Here are three fun facts about each of the boys behind "Emar": Luke is working his fourth year at McDonalds, has never seen Star Wars, and doesn't like music festivals because of the crowds; Brendhan has six college IDs, his favorite TV show is Six Feet Under, and he once said Green Day was saving music.

Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.