The August Corpse Project 2014

Originally added to Roving Brooklyn in September 2014. For more information on Roving Brooklyn, read our letter.

The August Corpse Project is an experiment in writing theatre. Borrowing ideas from two different projects (31 Plays in 31 Days and The Exquisite Corpse Project), Thirty-one writers (including both the Undeadly Theater Company and Roving Brooklyn founders) have put together a madcap piece of writing that is as messy, weird, and exciting as its origins imply. 

Roving Brooklyn is proud to provide hosting for the completed project on our website. It is available to read in various eBook formats.


.epub (6.9 MB)
.mobi (6.6 MB)
.pdf (4.6 MB)

These files are built from the original PDF and each page is included as an image. 

Web and eBook files contain chapter marks and an interactive table of contents. PDF does not.