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The August Corpse Project 2014

Originally added to Roving Brooklyn in September 2014. For more information on Roving Brooklyn, read our letter.

The August Corpse Project is an experiment in writing theatre. Borrowing ideas from two different projects (31 Plays in 31 Days and The Exquisite Corpse Project), Thirty-one writers (including both the Undeadly Theater Company and Roving Brooklyn founders) have put together a madcap piece of writing that is as messy, weird, and exciting as its origins imply. 

Roving Brooklyn is proud to provide hosting for the completed project on our website. It is available to read in various eBook formats.


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These files are built from the original PDF and each page is included as an image. 

Web and eBook files contain chapter marks and an interactive table of contents. PDF does not. 

visual art

sexxxy art project

Originally added to Roving Brooklyn in April 2014. For more information on Roving Brooklyn, please read our letter.


Snapchat can be used to send nude images to other people. Nothing is stopping them from taking a screenshot of those pictures. Only trust.

Advertisements have long come under fire from activists and social commentators for featuring unrealistic portrayals of female beauty. With Photoshop, models can be altered even further.

With these two realities in mind, digital artist Kathryn Leslie takes the average and mundane and turns them into something "sexxxy," using Snapchat's drawing features to alter photographs with crude stick figures of women in a state of undress. Leslie's simplistic drawings serve to underscore the twisted nature of how we are asked to view the world.

Sex sells, so why shouldn't sex sell everything? And yes - even Easter. 

Statement from the artist:

I wanted to explore the female form through Snapchat. The cartoonish female I've created reflects what I see as the absurdity of women in advertising. Her body serves as a metaphor for the rigidity and stiffness inherent in society's perception of women and of the feminine role.

Furthermore, because each piece is inherently ephemeral and transient, the images in this gallery are documentation of my art, not the actual pieces themselves. Some pieces in this series are not shown here, as we were not able to preserve them before they were destroyed by Snapchat; those creations are gone forever. 

However, have they truly disappeared? Are they forgotten, or do we forever remember them? The same could be asked of much of the media we consume daily.

Plus, I've also gotten really good at drawings cartoons of women in Snapchat.

- Kathryn Leslie, April 2014

On Hiatus


Thank you for visiting Roving Brooklyn. As you can see, it’s a little different than the last time you visited. You may be asking yourself, “What happened to Roving Brooklyn? Is it dead?” I would answer you with a resounding, “Yes and no!” We have decided - for the time being - to put the name Roving Brooklyn and the website on hiatus.

When Adam and I launched Roving Brooklyn over a year ago, we hoped that it would be a platform for our fellow New Yorkers to pursue their artistic endeavors, and to explore new ones for ourselves. We have been more than pleased with the success and reception of our projects such as Spacebook and Dear Rachel, but the success of our zine, Things Created by People, has blown us away.

TCBP has been a powerful tool for us to pursue our goals. With each issue, we’ve expanded our artistic network in and outside of NYC, and each issue has provided enriching and diverse content to our readers. The nature of the online magazine gives us the ability to host not only articles, fiction, poetry, and photography, but audio and video content as well. We felt that Roving Brooklyn’s goals and objectives as a collective had been fulfilled in TCBP.

Adam and I got together and asked ourselves, “What is Roving Brooklyn doing that TCBP isn’t or can’t?” We couldn’t come up with a clear answer! We are pleased with the traction our online publication has gained, and we want to make it the focus of our future work. We don’t want to give up the name Roving Brooklyn, or give up the hope that it can be something different from, but just as impactful as, TCBP. We expect to re-launch the Roving Brooklyn name with a new focus and new goals in the future. We hope you will come along for the ride!

Thomas Baldwin
Co-founder of Roving Brooklyn & Things Created By People

P.S. You can still see all of the old projects at Roving Brooklyn both here at TCBP and around the web. Check them out:

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