straight boy

Boy, beautiful boy
Cheekbone sharp the Black Sea
A mother of a thousand kisses
Say he’s a line, but it bends at the fold
Two kisses in an hour
And foresight felt several more
Heart opened, mouth talking
Cold cans & vodka sodas
standing here in Chinatown's grief
A train makes itself known
Like a person talking loudly in a corner
It makes you wonder:
Are we nothing more than holograms?
Installation illumination brick wall
I shook your arms to wake you
from the scourge but it felt
better than I first imagined so
I thank the scourge.
I tossed it back
Two-hundred strangers
A makeshift maze
And a bouncer who likes me
Free beers. Unsent texts. Sweet somethings.
And a boy who notices me
Genius, art and certain cities
A bed in a living room. Europe.
The picture that you have painted
It hangs somewhere in the attic
where I used to live
You plant me a goodbye kiss on the cheek
My fingers comb your back and my eyes
refuse to see into yours 

Toni Giambra is a poet and writer. Originally from New Jersey, he has since lost the accent. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he hosts Shut Up and Write! East Hollywood. You can find more information on his website or follow him @tonigiambra wherever you get your social media fix.