Signs created by people at the Women's March on NYC

400,000 (and counting) men, women, and children adorned in pink pussy hats marched together in the most civil foot traffic New York City has probably seen in decades. For once, New Yorkers were in no rush, as it took two hours to walk from 42nd to 44th street. This march wasn’t about walking, though. Everyone held up their signs (while complimenting their neighbor’s sign and admiring wittier signs in the distance), and chanted along:

Our body, our choice
(men) Your body, your choice

Hey-hey, ho-ho
Donald Trump has got to go!

Show me what democracy looks like
This is what democracy looks like

Yes we can!

On the first full day under Trump’s administration, the world found hope in the streets. The people proved that no one will stand or walk alone, and everyone’s voice will be heard.

If their voices can’t be heard, then their signs will do the talking.

(overheard) "Yes, hunny, Hillary did get more votes."

(overheard) "Yes, hunny, Hillary did get more votes."

"It's all good. It's a beautiful day. Nice signs."

"It's all good. It's a beautiful day. Nice signs."

For more about the Women's March on NYC, visit their website.

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