What we accept

Writing­ – essays, articles, investigative reporting, clickbait, recipes, personal anecdotes, diary entries, analyses, scripts, rants, manifestos, opinions, fiction, truth, and anything and everything that fits in-between. Basically, if you’ve strung some words together, we’ll probably take a look!

We also accept: photos, photo essays, drawings, paintings, other visual art, photo documentation of a wide variety of art forms, videos, music, and pretty much anything else that can be translated into digital bits.

Take a look at our previous issues to see what we’ve accepted in the past. If your work looks kind of like that, cool! If it doesn’t, also cool!

How to submit

Send an email to editors@thingscreatedbypeople.com with your submission in a standard format. In the body of the email, please include your name, the name of your submission, and a brief biological note with any Twitter or website links included.

The process

All writing submissions will go through an editing process, which may involve multiple rewrites on your part. Our goal is to help writers create the best work possible, and we believe a strong editing process is an important part of that. In the end, it is entirely up to the writer what edits they choose to incorporate into the piece; we will not publish any changes unless they are approved by the author.

If you send us photographs, we prefer that you send us thematically linked photographs or a photo essay.

For other multimedia submissions, we may ask you to write a brief artist’s statement or answer a few questions about the piece to accompany it.