Things Created By People was founded in August 2014 by Thomas Baldwin, Adam Cecil, and Natalia Lehaf.

The content of this publication is in the name: these are things created by people. Our goal is to showcase these things, whether it be writing, music, video, photography, or beyond, and to enter into conversations with artists about their work. Things Created By People is a celebration of human creation in all of its shapes and forms.


Adam Cecil

Managing Editor

Currently: Director of Marketing, Membership, and Merchandising at Night Vale Presents, an independent podcast network. Previously: student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, child.

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Natalia Lehaf


Natalia graduated from NYU with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and History. She enjoys photography and interviewing people for various video and audio projects, such as Storytelling with Natalia. She currently lives in New Jersey (or more accurately, on New Jersey Transit).

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Chloe Isacke


Chloe Isacke is a recent NYU graduate with degrees in politics and Middle Eastern studies. She hopes to pursue a career working with youth, specifically improving high school students’ experience with political education and engagement. She has taught high school students through Generation Citizen, done research and evaluation work for generationOn, and written for nonprofit publications such as the Borgen Project’s blog and magazine.

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Thomas Baldwin


Thomas Baldwin lives in Lefferts Gardens and works in Chelsea. You’ll regret asking him about his interests such as German art or how to ship art. He won’t stop talking about it. He once got a second degree sunburn at camp.




Designed, drawn, and created by Ryan Hughes. Ryan also created the header on our "Current Issue" page. You can find more of Ryan's work at his website.

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